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System Diagram




Detail of GeoSearch Program


A ready-to-use property information system (PIS) that contains basic and necessary data, specially designed for banks and financial institutions. The components of GeoSearch provided include a 1:20,000 scale map of Bangkok and its eleven vicinity provinces, active housing projects, a sampling of over 200 land valuation sites, new roads, color-coded zonings, population density and other demographic data. The program allows users to create their own layers and data records that link to the unlimited points on the map and, at the same time, pool all relevant files, pictures and graphs to that particular record. One obvious benefit is that it saves time and resources in the loan department. This is because staff can preliminarily estimate collateral value for customers by comparing the values of the new site to values of the nearest existing sites or the nearest housing projects shown on the map. All data that is provided by AREA, such as housing projects, new roads etc., will be updated annually.

Purpose of the program

The program will help collect, sort, retrieve and display the organizationís data which links to points on the map. The asset price can be easily compared with available information which has a direct impact on the asset value.

System Diagram

Structure of GeoSearch The package of a stand alone unit costs Bt290,000 (excluding VAT)
  • Software GIS,
  • Application,
  • A 1:20,000 scale map of Bangkok and 11 adjacent provinces,
  • Data provided by AREA for price comparisons is:
  • - More than 2,000 active housing projects,
    - More than 200 land valuation price,
    - New road projects,
    - Future expropriation zones,
    - Color zoning,
    - Density of population.
  • User data entry unit.
The five components of information will enable users to start operating GeoSearch from day one without having to further develop the program.
GeoSearch License Per Seat Total
Model CS20k: Client/Server Virsion 1 290,000 290,000
2-4 269,000 1,097,000
5-9 222,900 2,211,500
10-19 162,000 3,831,500
Model Intranet20k: Intranet Web Application (Unlimited License) 1 N/A 11,409,000

Prices above not include VAT
Prices above include necessary training and maintenance for one year.


The Benefit of GeoSearch to Your Organization

Benefits for asset valuation
  • Helps you collect your data that refers to a particular point on the map. At the same time, all relevant files, such as site plan, pictures of the project or the house, title documents etc., can be linked to the pre-defined fields in each record of your data.

  • Sorts information easily and shows the relevant point on the map. As locations are plotted on the map, you can easily see the difference or similarity of collateral. For example:

two or more assets have different locations that could mislead a valuer to think that they are far from each other. However, when located on the map, these assets are actually situated very close to each other or just across a road. Hence, their values should be closely related.


two or more assets have the same locations that could mislead a valuer to think that their values should be similar. However, when located on the map, these assets are located in different color zones. As a result, values can be highly divergent.

  • You can preliminarily estimate the value of assets by comparing the new asset to the nearest existing assets compiled by your organization. In addition, you can compare the new asset with AREAís housing projects information. The comparison will let you know the asset potential & initial value.

  • You can sort more complicated information by keying-in the sorting conditions. For example, you would like to re-value a particular group of collateral that has a value exceeding 25 million Baht and the latest valuation date was in mid-1999. The program sorts and then displays the result instantaneously.

Benefits for asset analysis

  • You can improve the efficiency of the marketing department, estimating the asset value in the bankís database before conducting a real valuation. By comparing a clientís assets to the bankís existing data, together with AREAís housing project prices on the map, a loan officer can more accurately estimate the size of the loan. In addition, the complete picture of the organizationís assets will enable you to make efficient decisions in loan granting, asset dissolving, and asset management.

Benefits for marketing

  • Data from more than 2,000 active housing projects acquired by AREAís intensive field surveys will be very useful to the post financing business. An officer can check the name of the developers, type of developments, locations, percentage of completion and proportion of sales, for example, in order to make a timely post finance decision on favorable projects. Construction & decoration companies can also sell their material to new houses. The crucial point is that all related information will be updated annually , with a minimum fee.

Benefits for research

  • Using the information provided by AREA, the research department will be able to extend analysis on the trends of the real estate industry, particularly in the housing sector, population density and location potential.

Benefits for top management

    Management are able to view the overall assets on the map since they can access information from all departments.

  • Management can see the risk dispersion of all assets in the organization (after the assets are risk classified) and the potential of each location that may not otherwise be seen from the report.

  • Management can easily retrieve all relevant information of a particular customer or location because all info is stored in the one place. This solves the problem previously encountered by management of having to locate relevant information in different departments.

System Diagram



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