Because we are an exceptional socially responsible corporation.
  1. Clients worldwide can trust us because we have a very great quality control system. We spend more than Baht 2 millions per annum on this system in order to ensure the integrity of our valuation and research services delivered to our clients.
  2. We have the largest real estate information centre equipped with modern infrastructure and expanded it to ASEAN countries as well. We have developed our practical knowledge by setting up the Thai Real Estate Business School which is an international real estate education provider.
  3. We are valuers, researchers and property consultants with no brokerage nor self-interest real estate developemnt activities in order to to avert a potential conflict of interest.
  4. We help to further develop to the profession and the society by jointly establishing the Thai Appraisal Foundation which is considered one of the most active real estate organization in Thailand. The key objective of the foundation is to provides knowledge and understandings on real estate to the public.
  5. We take good care of our staff members. We increase their salary twice a year even during the economic crises. Welfare is exceptionally enhanced with bonuses and other incentives. We try hard to educate them for their advancement which is objectively measured.