TREBS's training courses are designed for those who require know ledges of real estate professional theories and practice. Especially for the field of real estate management, real estate development, property valuation, research and real estate information used. With over two or four days course in each topic.
          For larger clients such as banks and government organizations, training can be conducted in-house exclusively for the client's staff. These include officials of government organizations, middle management of banks and other lending institutions, land owners and property developers.

Previous Training Courses(Highlighted seminars conducted in English)
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2001    How to Value Incomplete Buildings in (27-28 Jul., Government Housing Bank)
    Real Estate Market and Property Valuation (25 Aug., Winser Hotel)
    Property Price Changes and Case Studies, National Finance and Securities Plc.
    Changes in Asset Prices and Case Studies (15 Sep., Conference Room)
    Latest Housing Market Situation, Mid 2001 (25 Sep., Government Housing Bank)
    Housing Market Direction 2002 (20 Nov., Government Housing Bank)
2000    Real Estate Market Direction Mid 2000 (3 Aug., Government Housing Bank)
1999    Valuation of Machinery (1-2 Apr., QSNCC)
    AP100: Property Valuation : Intensive 3-Day Course (3-5 Jun., QSNCC)
    AP100: Property Valuation : Intensive 3-Day Course (7-9 Oct., Government Housing Bank)
    Investing in Property Assets in the Current Economic Climate (3 Feb., QSNCC)
    Assessing the Property Market for Investment (24 Feb., The Regent Bangkok)
    Valuation for Debt Restructuring (2 Jun., QSNCC)
    Valuation of Debt for Asset Transference (2 Sep., Government Housing Bank)
    How to Revitalize Incomplete Real Estate Projects (23 Nov., Government Housing Bank)
1998    Real Estate Valuation: Theory and Practice (26 Aug., JW Marriott Hotel)
    Property Valuation Technique: New Direction for Executives (1 Oct., The Regent Bangkok)
    Bangkok Land Prices 1998-2000 (26 Feb., The Regent Bangkok)
    Thailand's Real Estate: Strategic Surveys (16 Jun., The Regent Bangkok)
    Changes in Asset Prices 1999 (11 Nov., QSNCC)
1997    Real Estate Valuation for Executives (25-26 Feb., Imperial Hotel)
    Real Estate Market Outlook 1997 (15 Jan., The Regent Bangkok)
    Real Estate Breakthrough: International Experience (20 Feb., UN-ESCAP Conference Centre)
    Secret of Success: Learning from Successful Projects (3 Apr., QSNCC)
    How did the Price of Land Decrease? (29 May, The Regent Bangkok)
    Property Investment in Thailand Today (26 Jun., The Regent Bangkok)
    Housing Demand Analysis 1997 (20 Aug., The Regent Bangkok)
1996    Practical Real Estate Research for Executives (24-25Jan., QSNCC)
    50 Prime Locations in Metropolitan Bangkok (28 Feb., Siam Inter-Continental Bangkok)
    Property Expropriation (3 Apr., The Regent Bangkok)
    Hit the Sales Target: The Top Salesmen (5 Jun., QSNCC)
    Home Buyers Guide No.5 (4 Aug., Chulalongkorn University)
    Provincial Housing Development (20 Sept., Khon Kaen)
    Provincial Housing Development (21 Sept., Nakhon Ratchasima)
    Provincial Housing Development (2 Oct., Novotel Bangkok on Siam Square)
    Provincial Housing Development (19 Oct., Chiang Mai)
    Provincial Housing Development (2 Nov., Hat Yai)
    Housing Market Direction 1997 (28 Nov., QSNCC)
    Practical Real Estate Valuation for Executives (24-25 Jan., QSNCC)
    Real Estate Valuation for Executives (6-7 Feb., QSNCC)
    Real Estate Valuation (4-5 Sept., Novotel Bangkok on Siam Square)
1995    Real Estate Valuation for Investment Purposes (5 Jul., QSNCC)
    Real Estate Valuation for Executives (20 Sept., The Regent Bangkok)
    Home Buyers Guide No.4 (22 Jan., Chulalongkorn University)
    New Strategy: Opportunities & Possibilities in Provincial Housing Development (15 Mar., The Regent Bangkok)
    Residential Market Situation 1995 (5 Jul., Imperial Queen's Park Hotel)
    Housing Market Direction in 1996 (7 Dec., Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok)
1994    The Real Home Buyers 1994 (3 Mar., QSNCC)
    Home Buyers Guide No.3 (25 Apr., Chulalongkorn University)
    Low Priced Condominiums: Investment Direction (14 Jul., Hilton International Bangkok)
    Innovative Real Estate Development Alternatives in Asia (27 Oct., QSNCC)
    Housing Market Direction 1995 (7 Dec., QSNCC)
1993    Slum and Low-income Residential Management (3 Feb., Baan Saviour)
    Home Buyers Guide No.2 (25 Apr., Chulalongkorn University)
    The Real Home Buyers (1 Apr., Hilton International Bangkok)
    Real Estate Development Alternatives During the Bust (17 Aug., UN-ESCAP Conference Centre)
1992    54 Prime Locations (17,24Mar., The Regent Bangkok)
    Home Buyers Guide No.1 (29 Aug., Chulalongkorn University)
    Housing Market Direction 1993 (Oct., The Regent Bangkok)
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