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International Real Estate Contributed by FIABCI-Thai
AREA Press Release No. 522/2018: November 05, 2018

Dr.Sopon Pornchokchai, Ph.D. Dip.FIABCI, MRICS
President, Agency for Real Estate Affairs (AREA)

This is a series of the contribution to international real estate developments by Dr.Sopon, President, FIABCI - Thai.

Dr.Sopon Pornchokchai, President, Agency for Real Estate Affairs and President, FIABCI Thai attended a lot of meeting and conducted a lot of surveys related to real estate markets situation.  Please have a look:

Sharing some contributions on Real Estate Analysis by FIABCI Thailand in 2018

  1. February 1: 2018 Bangkok Housing Markets Outlook. https://goo.gl/juN1Lv
  2. February 9: Mass Appraisal for Uganda. https://goo.gl/wTC8aR
  3. February 20: The Bloomberg Misery Index Is Miserable! https://goo.gl/ANaQ7Q
  4. February 23: Foreigners Bought USD 3,540 billion Thai Housing Properties in 2017. https://goo.gl/RQJDHq
  5. March 2: Dr.Sopon's Speech on CSR. https://goo.gl/oSjpo7
  6. March 15: Malaysian Real Estate Markets Viewed By Real Estate Agents. https://goo.gl/gTvgSF
  7. April 9: Future of Myanmar Property Agents. https://bit.ly/2GIQDyY
  8. April 12: Myanmar' Real Estate Today and Tommorow. https://bit.ly/2JEGd5p
  9. April 19: Vietnam Real Estate Is Improving. https://bit.ly/2EWgAcF
  10. May 4: A Happy City: How to Measure? https://bit.ly/2rk9b2V
  11. June 7: Phuket Land Prices, Up to USD 5,040 per sq.metre. http://bit.ly/2kSiX8H
  12. July 2: Land Value after 12 Years of the Aceh Tsunami. http://bit.ly/2NkzCPo
  13. July 8: Brokers Development in Ukraine. https://bit.ly/2Oqph3D
  14. July 26: Housing Markets Outlook, Mid 2018. http://bit.ly/2LQdeMv
  15. August 1: Warning to Thai Premier: Economy Is Getting Worse. http://bit.ly/2M83Io0
  16. August 9: Thai Economy Is Too Bad Indeed. http://bit.ly/2MyHFHk
  17. August 16: 20 Largest Developers in Thailand. http://bit.ly/2MuEkw7
  18. August 27: Pricing in Fluctuating Markets. http://bit.ly/2LuYgKJ
  19. August 30: 180,635 Housing Units Awaiting for Sale In Bangkok http://bit.ly/2NvCtoi
  20. September 3: 2019 ASEAN Property Markets Assessed by Experts. http://bit.ly/2NIfsys
  21. September 7. Pricing Properties for Sales. www.facebook.com/dr.sopon4/videos/471317123375637
  22. September 12: 2018 Kathmandu Housing on the Rise http://bit.ly/2MnjKJX
  23. September 14: Redevelop Slum Land on Win-Win Basis in Kampala. http://bit.ly/2MwcICM
  24. September 18: 2015 Nepal Earthquake, No Effect to Property Prices http://bit.ly/2PLBEbz
  25. September 27: Valuing Complex Properties, International Association of Assessing Officers. https://youtu.be/bds2bCJeFiw
  26. October 5: Property Prices Information for the Philippines. https://youtu.be/PMxT2nHwqbQ
  27. October 9: PAREB Panel Discussion in Manila https://youtu.be/7p54IYHTu8w
  28. October 17: Philippines Real Estate Market Assessment. http://bit.ly/2yG8fbW
  29. October 25: NAR India Int’l Real Estate Panel. https://bit.ly/2RAn6fQ
  30. November 1: 2018-2019 Indian Real Estate Markets http://bit.ly/2zjmOT8

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