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Corporate Social Responsibility

          Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a must for the beneficiaries of today’s mature corporation: i.e. share holders, employees, consumers or customers, the neighbouring community, and the society at large. The components of CSR are:
          1. Strict enforcement of hard laws: no deception, exploitation or any action against the law that would affect the beneficiaries.
          2. High professional standards of practice and ethics (Soft Laws)
          3. Corporate social contribution
          CSR, in accordance with the United Nations Global Compact, consists of 4 components, namely, human rights, labour standards, environment, and anti-corruption. Please see Dr. Sopon Pornchokchai’s article on the Nine Understandings of CSR or his book on “the Real CSR” (in Thai).

May 13, 2005
Joining Global Compact

Agency for Real Estate Affairs is among leading private firms in Asia to sign the Global Compact at the Asia Pacific Business Forum on May 13, 2005 at the United Nations. Dr.Sopon Pornchokchai, AREA President signed the contract in front of Mr.Watana Muangsook, H.E. Minister of Industry and UN executives.

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Case Story: Anti-Corruption In Property Consultancy

Towards the Consumers
          “Thailand's independent property consultants refrain from real estate brokerage and self-interest property development in order to avert potential conflicts of interest, thereby ensuring the integrity of our valuation and research work.”
          This is the major principle of the real CSR of AREA. We cannot accept being a valuer or a researcher while also being a broker or a developer or an investor ourselves. Some that attempt do everything may claim to be a total package of services, but we believe that this can only end in conflict of interest.
          Our executives have never been a president or board member of any developer company. This means that AREA is independent and keeps itself professionally neutral in its all of its services.

Towards the Employees
          AREA holds strictly to the principles of human rights and labour standards. We never exploit our employees. The welfare of our staff is above legal standards. This is because we believe that our employees are our major assets or modes of production for our services industry. This is different from other industries. For example, the major modes of production for factories, property development companies, or financial institutions are machinery, real estate, and money, respectively.
Please see our welfare to our staff members.
In accordance with labour regulations, we strickly provide the following:
1 Social Insurance 5% of the salary paid by AREA as the employer
2 Provident Fund 4% of the salary paid by AREA as the employer
3 Public Holiday No less than 14 days per year
4 Free Annual Leave (1): 6 days per annum
5 Free Annual Leave (2): 6 days per annum
(altogether 12 days per annum) 
6 Sick Leave 30 days per annum
7 Pregnancy Leave 98 days with the payment for 45 days
8 Sterile Leave In accordance with doctor’s orders
9 Ordination Leave 30 days
10 Military Leave 60 days per year
Additional Welfare
11 Death Baht 100,000
12 Salary Increase Twice a year since 1995
13 Free Money Deposit for Staff 7% of salary
14 Bonus 0-3 months of salary
15 Borrowing Ceiling, 5 times the salary 
16 Scholarship for Children Baht 5,000 per annum
17 Cremation of Parents Baht 5,000 per time
18 Marriage Baht 5,000 per person
19 Ordination Baht 5,000 per time
20 Leave for Giving Birth Baht 5,000 per child
21 Staff Member of the Month Baht 2,000 and 1,000 for 2-4 staff members
22 Staff Member of the Year Touring abroad or some other bonuses 
23 New Year’s Party Once a year
24 Birthday Party Every month
25 Annual Retreat Once a year for 2 days
26 Special bonus For those who have worked 4, 7, 10, 12, 15 or 20 years
27 Allowance to go upcountry Baht 200 per day
28 Fuel & Maintenance Expense for those who use their own car
Welfare for Education
29 Library with 1,200 books
30 In-house Training Twice a year, 2 days each
31 Public Training Frequently for our staff members
32 Training Abroad 1-2 staff members per annum
33 Occasional Scholarship for Master Degree
34 Education session week after week
Welfare for Health
35 Ward and Medicine Provided at the Headquarters
36 Home Visit to Sick Employees Gift or money depending on the situation
36 Refreshments Free provision of cacao, tea, coffee all day long
38 Exercise Badminton, table tennis, basketball, gym and swimming pool

Towards the Environment
          Because our company is a service provider, no harm is done to the environment through any of the actions of our company, and we try to nurture and protect the environment as much as possible. For example, we try to use the resources with the utmost efficiency, reuse our materials, help save energy, conduct forest plantation, build green consciousness, and so forth. We also try to keep our staff members in good physical condition and in a positive social environment, for example, by providing good quality drinking water, air filtering, team exercise, annual physical check-ups, and soon.

Towards Anti-Corruption
          In order to ensure the integrity of our services, we are among the few consultancy firms that conduct the following:
          1. Postcard surveys to our customers to assess the performance of our valuers and researchers.
          2. An additional telephone interview with our customers.
          3. Field quality checks to examine the work of our staff members on their reliability and objectivity.
          Please read about our exceptionally high standards of practice in: Case Story: Anti-Corruption In Property Consultancy

Our Budget
          Achieving? CSR is not just doing a face-lift. We need to be serious about it, and with a sizeable budget. It is an investment in building our brand and credibility in fair trade and in making fair deals. Every year we spend over Baht 5,000,000 or
US$ 147,000 to accomplish this, as detailed in the following:
Field Quality Check 1,080,000 Baht
Telephone – Post Card Quality Check 780,000 Baht
Database Management for CRM 360,000 Baht
Free Money Deposit for Staff (7% of Salary) 648,000 Baht
Refreshments, Exercise and Gym 240,000 Baht
Welfare for Marriage, Giving Birth, Ordination  60,000 Baht
Scholarship for Children 150,000 Baht
Monthly Birthday Party 96,000 Baht
Annual Staff Retreat 250,000 Baht
In-house Training, Twice a Year 500,000 Baht
Field trip, local or international  400,000 Baht
Prize for Staff Member of the Month / the Year 64,000 Baht
Meeting Twice a Month 325,000 Baht
Subsidized Tourism 150,000 Baht
Donation to the Thai Appraisal Foundation  180,000 Baht
Other donations 200,000 Baht
          We try our best to see that AREA meets international standards and that it is a local firm that can compete with international ones. We hope to have a sustainable future and to be a symbol of pride for Thai society.

Dr. Sopon Pornchokchai and CSR
          He is a pioneer in the dissemination of the concept and practices of CSR in Thailand. His contributions include:
          • Books: The Real CSR and Administer with Love (in Thai).
          • Lecturing on CSR at international conferences and forums organized by international organizations, the Anti-Corruption Commission, universities, and others.
          • Sitting on the Board of Ethics, Thai Chamber of Commerce.
          • Sitting on the Board of Sufficiency Economy, Thai Chamber of Commerce.

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